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The world of mountain plants

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alpine plants in the hills of walesMountain flora holidays and weekends in North Wales

Whether you are an experienced botanist or simply someone who notices the wonderful variety of colour and form in wild flowers, or the subtle textures and patterns in ferns, mosses and lichens, Snowdonia contains riches galore. On the Wild Wales World of mountain plants botanical holidays our aim is to share these riches with you; your guide will know the hills and where to seek out the botanical jewels.

From wooded valley to mountain top

Our explorations will take us from pasture and woodland in the valley bottoms, up through grassland and bog, on to the high crags and finally to the mountain tops – each habitat with its own distinctive plants. The lower levels revealing forest and hedgerow plants like the foxglove, wood anemone, sorrel and bluebell; on the lower hills we can revel in the glories of flowering gorse and heather; or wonder at the subtle mechanisms of species in the wetland, and then, as we get higher, search for lingering remnants of an arctic alpine flora.

On the exposed plateaux of the summits only the hardiest of plants survive and here we can marvel at their exquisite miniature forms and enjoy the bigger picture with wonderful views across the landscape, westwards over the Irish Sea and southwards along the knobbly spine of the Dragon's Back that is Wales.

Your guide on Wild Wales mountain flora holidays

The Wild Wales mountain flora holidays and weekends will be led by an experienced mountain guide with a wide knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area. This is not a strenuous trip and ample time will be allowed to study and photograph the plants during the walks.

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botanical holidays in snowdonia


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