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Celtic landscapes of Snowdonia

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celtic landscape, standing stonesA Wild Wales Celtic holiday or weekend

Burial chambers, stone circles, standing stones, hill forts, old churches – Snowdonia is full of evidence of the past, a walking tour through this landscape is a journey back in time, a pilgrimage to the past. On this Celtic holiday or weekend we take you into some beautiful landscapes that are possibly unique in their contained density of history, myth and legend. We have found that a shared awareness of this context of the landscape greatly deepens the experience of it.

Your guides to the history of the Welsh hills

The Wild Wales Celtic landscape walking holidays are led by well qualified, and experienced mountain guides who know the hills and their history well, and who are keen to share their knowledge. This is a less strenuous weekend and is also our most popular!

What do we mean by 'Celtic'? Who were the Celts?

The traditional view is that the Celts were a war-like people whose expertise in using iron to make weapons enabled them to overrun Britain in a series of invasions over five hundred years before the Romans arrived. Nowadays archaeologists believe that history, or rather pre-history, as there were no written records, was not quite so simple. It seems likely that the arrival of the Celts was more piece-meal and that their culture, with its free-flowing abstract art forms and language – from which Welsh, Irish, Gaelic, Cornish and Breton were derived – were absorbed gradually over many centuries stretching well back into the Bronze Age.

The history visible in the landscape of Snowdonia

celtic landscape groupBe that as it may, in several parts of modern Wales there exists tracts of land at around the 300–400 metre contour, where evidence of man's presence in the landscape over the last five thousand years is everywhere. Here there are Bronze Age standing stones and ceremonial circles, Iron Age hill forts and huts, medieval field systems, farms from the 'land hunger' of the 16th and 19th centuries and even burial chambers from the days of 'the old ones', long before the Celts.

Walking this landscape, imagining the surface changes that have occurred over millennia, as tree cover disappeared and walls and tracks were built, hearing the stories and legends associated with it, is truly to take a step back in time.

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