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The high hills of Snowdonia

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Walking holidays in the hills and mountains of Snowdonia

decending a ridge in snowdoniaThe Wild Wales High hills of Snowdonia holidays and weekends takes in the higher mountains of North Wales. There are fourteen peaks over 3,000 ft in Snowdonia (some would argue fifteen or even sixteen) and numerous others only slightly lower. All provide superb hill-walking and hiking, with wonderful views westwards over the Irish Sea and southwards along the knobbly spine of the Dragon's Back that is Wales.

"There is no corner of Europe that I know which so moves me with the awe and majesty of great things as does this mass of the northern Welsh mountains seen from this corner of their silent sea ..."
Hillaire Belloc

Walking guides and walking equipment

Wild Wales walking holidays are all led by well qualified, and experienced mountain guides who know the hills well and who are keen to share their knowledge.

Weather in the mountains of Wales

at the simmit with wild walesWalking in the Welsh hills is glorious when the sun shines and the air is crisp and clear. But Snowdonia's high hills can be as exhilarating in bad weather as in good – which is just as well as these mountains certainly get their fair share of wind and rain too!

Compared with sea level, any mountain summit is always going to be several degrees colder, the wind stronger and the rain heavier and more persistent. Waterproof jackets and trousers, jumpers or fleeces, warm hat, gloves and sturdy walking boots are all essential even in summer.

Thus equipped, however, and treating the weather with respect, the mountains need hold no terrors for the walker. Indeed they often reserve their fairest prizes for those who venture out when mist hangs over the hills and wind whistles through the crags.

Your reward may be the sun lighting up a patch of hillside, so that suddenly we know what RS Thomas meant when he wrote "There are jewels to be gathered in Wales, but with the eye only". It may be emerging unexpectedly from the mist to find yourself marooned on a rock island above a sea of cloud. It may simply be a glimpse of raven or peregrine, feral goat or a glowing mass of purple saxifrage. Or we may stumble across a fossil bed or find a perfect quartz crystal at our feet. The mountains have an infinite capacity to surprise!

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