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Comments and observations on Wild Wales holidays

On the walking and Celtic landscape holidays ...

group on celtic landscape weekend"... We sit by a lake steeped in myth and hear tales from the Mabinogion, a collection of Celtic legends. We follow the faint mound of a Roman road as it marches across the marshes, passing Bronze Age standing stones as we go. And we end up high and dry behind the walls of Bryn y Castell, a small Iron Age fort which was once home to 500 people, their weapons fashioned from the bog iron down below."
Gary Firkins, article in Country Walking magazine

"A fabulous weekend that was also outstanding value ... and this coming from someone spending Canadian dollars! Truly, the companionship was great, the guiding informative and the scenery outstanding. I can recommend highly."
Treat Hull, Canada

"... Wild Wales weekends and mid-week breaks ... take small groups to explore this landscape he (Rob Collister) loves so much and where he has lived much of his life. Here, he explains, it is still possible to experience a sense of wilderness, to breathe clean, rich air, to get a greater sense of our relationship to nature."
Angela Neustatter, article in The Guardian, Sept 1999

" ... although it is Sunday afternoon and work is not far away again, we reckon we'll be better equipped to take it on after a rejuvenating weekend in the wilds of Wales. 'Everyone comes for different reasons and leaves with a different experience,' says Rob. 'I hope people go away well exercised having had their eyes opened to new aspects of the landscape, and having had time to reflect where they are in that landscape and where they are in their lives.' "
Gary Firkins, article in Country Walking magazine

And on the scrambling and climbing holidays ...

climbing in snowdonia for all ages"Our weekend with wild Wales was an ideal introduction to rock climbing in the mountains. The personal service adapted to our needs made it a really enjoyable trip, and it was amazing what we managed to fit into a short weekend. We found that Wild Wales offers an unusual blend of professional know-how and friendliness, and they know how to give you a good time without compromising on safety. We can't recommend them too highly."
Donald Hirsch

"Over the last 4 trips and 13 Wild Wales climbs, I have climbed in both sun and rain but can honestly say I have never had a bad experience. Each trip, 'though different, has resulted in a major sense of achievement. The company has always been first class and the philosophy consistent throughout – no crowds, big mountains, carefully chosen routes, long days and fantastic locations."
Brett Dennis, this is part of a longer article Brett sent into us,
click here to read the full thing.

"250 foot up a roadside rockface in Snowdonia on a beautiful clear Sunday morning in October, my first experience of real climbing. Below me my friend and climbing partner Nathan, who was a little more experienced then me, above our guide for the day Jim, an ambassador for 'Wild Wales' showing us the ropes so to speak. Reaching the top of that rockface was an achievement I know we will always cherish, and oh what a view. We owe much to Jim for his calm easy going nature, which in turn gave us both the confidence to achieve what we did. We will be back."
Mark Greene


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